An International Organization of Research and Development

President: Lucy Huang

ISTDST is an advanced institute to promote the progress of science and technology, and facilitate the development of researchers & scholars by displaying their knowledge in specific academic disciplines or professional specializations. We are standing tall in the field of research & technology, and our objective is to provide a platform which will promote, encourage and support scholars, researchers & professionals to carry and accomplish their work. The institute aims to bring together volunteers from around the world to advance technical, business, and professional expertise. Knowledge, experience, and best practices are shared through conferences, workshops, peer-reviewed journals, books, manuals of practice, seminars, webinars, and consensus standards. ISTDST organizes several disciplines,cross disciplines and multidisciplinary resources for academics and professionals in the fields of science, engineering, medicine, management, mathematics, business, economics, law, and education.

World class platform

One goal is to broaden the scientific field of vision, and cultivate comprehensive thinking ability, so that students, researchers, and scholars can become the leaders among outstanding scientists, and contribute to the world and a rapidly changing society. ISTDST offers numerous conferences for academic disciplines. Using the research output of the conference for the benefit of the students, researchers, and scholars, we provide a diversified and flexible platform for scholars to share their research findings by organizing International/National Conferences.  

Why attend an ISTDST conference?

Multidisciplinary – You will meet researchers working in a variety of different areas.

International – The average conference has over 30 different countries represented.

Tutorials – We almost cover the entire registration fee for most conferences.

Awards – Many of the conferences have awards for best paper and best PhD paper.

Competitions – Some conferences have software competitions or mobile robot competitions.

Tours –Some conferences offer either evening or day tours to a variety of interesting and beautiful locations.

Industry Tours – Some conferences have industry specific tours.

Proceedings – Conference proceedings are indexed by leading indexing organizations.

Folks praise

"Very informative, and fun."

"Good mix of presentations."

"Well organized. Good number of breaks. Good number of networking opportunities."

"Good selection of topics. Great discussions."

"The staff did a tremendous job putting on a quality conference."

"This was my fist time. Thoroughly enjoyed the conference."

"This is a very good platform for me to learn what I want know. Thank you very much."

"The was a great networking opportunity, many takeaways."

"It's been an excellent conference (as always), but I think you out did yourselves on this one! Bravo!"

"Sessions great, networking opportunities great—still the best conference and most valuable investment I've experienced!"

"Thank you. Great first conference of this nature for me. Definitely will attend/send folks in the future."

"Well done, as always. The time spent at the best practices conference is always well worth it."

"Great conference! Always the highlight of my year. It was informative as it was fun with research interactions!"

"An excellent, useful conference. Lots of good ideas. This will influence our development/rollout plans."

"Great conference! Well-organized! Fabulous people—presenters & attendees all very friendly, open & helpful."


All accepted papers will be considered for publication in international journals, and specific journals will be indexed in the major academic databases.


World class platform

We provide a diversified and flexible platform for scholars to share their research findings by organizing International/National Conferences. 

The Institute of Science, Technology & Development Studies